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How to Build a Better Home... Handmade House TV #145

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When has fast ever equaled... better?
Stop the madness!
Let's savor the process of building our handmade home.
Building a house is privilege... and a lasting legacy... we want our home to be a blessing to us in all the years that we live within it... and... we want it to improve the landscape, and not be yet another eyesore for our neighbors to look upon.
What can we do to make our future home better?
Well, we can start with this one simple thought in mind... take your time!!!
If you would like to learn more about how to achieve your dream handmade home... whether that is a log cabin, a timber-frame home, or a stone cottage... come see us at HandmadeHouses.com and consider enrolling in one (or more) of our premium Academy video courses!
Consider becoming a Member of the Handmade House Guild where you can gain lifetime access to ALL of our premium courses!!! Take advantage of learning the insights garnered from decades of building handcrafted homes.

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