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Loading and Reduction Firing a Kiln Full of Handmade Pottery — Narrated Version

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Packing, reduction firing and unpacking a kiln load of pots. This week's video is a long one and it goes over the many steps that go into reduction firing pottery.

0:00 - Introduction
0:20 - Packing the glazed pots into the kiln
2:27 - How to make cone packs
9:44 - Placing the waddings on a jar
13:15 - Lighting the gas kiln
15:51 - Turning on the air compressor
16:25 - Initiating reduction
18:18 - Example of cones before and after
18:50 - Switching the kiln off and crash cooling
20:15 - Opening the kiln
22:16 - Example of an under-fired bowl
24:05 - All the finished pots, and discussing how I sell my work
25:06 - Sanding the bases of pots and removing waddings
26:04 - Using Chemico paste to clean the lids

Wadding recipe: 50% china clay, 50% coarse alumina hydrate, mix powders and then add water very slowly as the mixture tends to turn too watery very easily. So better to take it slow. Once it has a clay like consistency you can wedge it up and store it in an air tight container.

Thanks as always for watching!

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