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  • 00:05 origami


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    origami test we just did

  • 10:42 Популяр. [Nuke] origami

    [Nuke] origami

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    Initial intention of 'Origami' is a *just for fun* tool. Since the tool involved many setup. Then I start to build it for practical usage. It helps to build geo patch for scatter objects, re-build a messy wireframe photoscan geo, clone a high-end geo to l

  • 01:56 Honda Origami

    Honda Origami

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    Area Sq came to Lumiere for help with creating motion graphics to add into a presentation for Honda. This included the 3D CG opener, the origami animated shapes and the motion graphics for the floor level plans.

  • 00:35 Merry Origami!

    Merry Origami!

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    Merry Origami! is a little animated Christmas card created with Houdini and Renderman. The Setup took 8 days and Rendering 4 days on one machine. Deep Compositing was done with Nuke. The Origami Designs are based on Tutorials by Jo Nakashima & Fumiaki Shi

  • 00:16 Origami


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    I had the idea many months ago to have paper folding itself into origami shapes. I had not seen many animations with this sort of idea. After quite a bit of trial and error, I figured out how to get it working. This piece is basically a test for that, but

  • 00:46 Origami


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    Origami crane foldind Maya and After Effects

  • 01:00 Land Rover Origami

    Land Rover Origami

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    The thrilling sequel (...or is it prequel?) to our Jaguar Origami animation.

  • 00:30 649 "Origami"

    649 "Origami"

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    Link: http://hatchstudios.com/work/origami/ A fun hybrid 3D & motion graphic spot created by Hatch Studios Ltd. for the Ontario Lottery Gaming Commission. http://hatchstudios.com Animation & Motion Graphics

  • 00:04 Origami Ball

    Origami Ball

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    In searching for a solution for an origami effect, I came across Fran Krause's fantastic Maya Mel script and I quickly came up with this. Link to this great script is below: http://frankrause.com/2013/07/origami-mel-script-for-maya/ This was rendered in M

  • 02:25 Origami Haiku

    Origami Haiku

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    "Long conversations beside blooming irises joys of life in the road." Based on this Haiku (a form of Japanese poetry), we experience a visual voyage trough a paperish and origami world.

  • 04:32 Origami Spaceship/Colonization

    Origami Spaceship/Colonization

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    Origami Spaceship & Colonization are two short separated animation videos but closely connected: Origami Spaceship represents external activity and Colonization a hypothetical internal activity. Video and Sound Design by Lorenzo Quadri