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  • 01:32 SINN Living - Imagefilm

    SINN Living - Imagefilm

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    „Ein gutes Produkt ist immer die Summe vieler wertvoller Details.“ Diese Prämisse gilt für jedes von SINN gefertigte Sofa, jeden Stuhl, Sessel oder Hocker. Raumveredelnde und komfortable Möbel von SINN Living. Nachhaltig, echt und haltbar. Handgefertigt i

  • 01:33 Showreel2017 | MOGE.TV

    Showreel2017 | MOGE.TV

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    2016年,在客户耙耙们的信任与支持下,我们在想法、技术、制作上不断提升,从手绘插画场景动画,到二三维结合,再到逐帧动画的应用,让作品有效传达信息,同时完成对美好的追求。我们不仅进行商业创作,更通过与社会创新组织合作和自生产内容的形式传递好的社会理念,提升自我价值。 2017,我们期待与更多品牌合作,挖掘更多的可能性,传递设计的美好。我们也期待与行业进行更紧密交流,相互学习,分享行业成果,共同促进行业发展。 最后,如果你热爱创作并身怀绝技(插画师/三维动画师/逐帧动画师/创意文案),请将你的重磅炸弹(简历

  • 06:48 自主制作アニメ「砲弾少女ザゼル」Independent Animation "Zazel"

    自主制作アニメ「砲弾少女ザゼル」Independent Animation "Zazel"

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    自主製作2D+3D動畫短片/2D+3D Animation/台湾学生自主制作アニメ NICONICO: http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm24379728 砲彈少女薩吉兒/砲弾少女ザゼル/Zazel/2D 3D 動畫アニメ/6m47s FB粉絲專頁/Facebook Website: https://www.facebook.com/zazel.animation 聯絡我們/Contact us: E19LU3AN@gmail.com   In an advanced cit

  • 00:06 Animación casita origami

    Animación casita origami

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    Animación para publicidad Arba. Rodaje: 14alcentro.com. Piezas de origami y diseño de animación: Masao. El spot terminado se puede ver en el sitio de la productora.

  • 00:20 Origami Rhino Unfolding

    Origami Rhino Unfolding

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    Origami design and folding: Sipho Mabona http://mabonaorigami.com/ Animation: Stoptrick Hamburg http://www.stoptrick.com/ or like my work on FB www.facebook.com/pages/Mabona-Origami/125025270917127 follow me on tubmlr www.mabonaorigami.tumblr.com/ http://

  • 00:04 Origami bird

    Origami bird

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    Stop motion origami bird coming to life

  • 01:05 ORIGAMI


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    ORIGAMI A short tribute to Japan, showing one of the best thing about it, the art of the origami. render time 8 hours. just a quick correction maybe i used Katakana instead of Hiragana, i didn´t found any hiragana font so my fault. enjoy it Music: Yoshida

  • 00:06 Butterfly Origami

    Butterfly Origami

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    Stop motion origami butterfly

  • 01:56 Honda Origami

    Honda Origami

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    Area Sq came to Lumiere for help with creating motion graphics to add into a presentation for Honda. This included the 3D CG opener, the origami animated shapes and the motion graphics for the floor level plans.

  • 00:35 Merry Origami!

    Merry Origami!

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    Merry Origami! is a little animated Christmas card created with Houdini and Renderman. The Setup took 8 days and Rendering 4 days on one machine. Deep Compositing was done with Nuke. The Origami Designs are based on Tutorials by Jo Nakashima & Fumiaki Shi

  • 00:16 Origami


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    I had the idea many months ago to have paper folding itself into origami shapes. I had not seen many animations with this sort of idea. After quite a bit of trial and error, I figured out how to get it working. This piece is basically a test for that, but

  • 00:46 Origami


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    Origami crane foldind Maya and After Effects

  • 05:24 Origami


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    Official videoclip for "Origami" by Privateer We live and die drowned in endless statistics. Our existence has become no more than numbers. For many people we represent no more than our ID number or our birth date. Our lives are piled up in heaps of docum

  • 04:03 Origami


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    Origami is basically a spontaneous fold of sounds with the impulse of being able to soar in the sky and not be afraid to crash on the ground below as the aftereffect. It's an organic expression of our own sensibilities. - Martin Del Carpio (Music Artist)

  • 01:00 Land Rover Origami

    Land Rover Origami

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    The thrilling sequel (...or is it prequel?) to our Jaguar Origami animation.

  • 00:30 649 "Origami"

    649 "Origami"

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    Link: http://hatchstudios.com/work/origami/ A fun hybrid 3D & motion graphic spot created by Hatch Studios Ltd. for the Ontario Lottery Gaming Commission. http://hatchstudios.com Animation & Motion Graphics

  • 00:04 Origami Ball

    Origami Ball

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    In searching for a solution for an origami effect, I came across Fran Krause's fantastic Maya Mel script and I quickly came up with this. Link to this great script is below: http://frankrause.com/2013/07/origami-mel-script-for-maya/ This was rendered in M

  • 00:16 Origami Poster

    Origami Poster

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    How I create Origami Posters in our Etsy store www.IrinaMargarita.etsy.com

  • 00:54 Origami Furseal

    Origami Furseal

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    Looped animation. Origami stop-motion animation. おりがみアニメーションシリーズ。 おっとせい。

  • 02:10 Origami Animation

    Origami Animation

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    Stop Motion origami avec 900 photos By Migne & Jérémy avec Nikon d90

  • 02:25 Origami Haiku

    Origami Haiku

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    "Long conversations beside blooming irises joys of life in the road." Based on this Haiku (a form of Japanese poetry), we experience a visual voyage trough a paperish and origami world.

  • 04:32 Origami Spaceship/Colonization

    Origami Spaceship/Colonization

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    Origami Spaceship & Colonization are two short separated animation videos but closely connected: Origami Spaceship represents external activity and Colonization a hypothetical internal activity. Video and Sound Design by Lorenzo Quadri